Checklist: Designing Elements for Increased Web Conversions


Here is a comprehensive checklist of things to take control of when trying to increase online conversions – brought to you by DesignContest.

  1. Clear Navigation: Users should be able to find the things that they are looking for quickly. To achieve this, you have to provide links to relevant websites – and implement endless scrolling if pagination is not feasible on your platform (Facebook successfully uses this function by providing live feeds online).
  2. Responsive Web Design: Internet technologies develop rapidly, and it’s well understood that people are able to view websites not only on their PCs, but also on mobile phones and other smart devices. That’s why it is important to make your entire network mobile responsive; that is, your website should be easily viewed and seamless on all kinds of electronic devices – including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile Platforms. These responsive design features include models that support the resizing of objects based on grid design and media flexibility.
  3. Simple Appeal: All images, videos, and animations must fit the purpose of your site. Graphics help visitors in visualizing your products and services. Therefore, they have to be interesting and attractive. Moreover, all complex patterns, colors and design concepts have to be easily perceptible. Do not distract people with unnecessary animations and background functions that do not add any real value to your website. You don’t have to entertain your visitors; you simply have to attract, engage and sell.
  4. SEO: You can improve your website’s rankings/position in search engines with the help of certain design concepts. For example, you typically still have to present the bulk of your content in HTML format (or PHP rendered to HTML) to improve your search engine rankings and responsiveness. Also, where possible, avoid using JavaScript and Flash for navigation links that have to be optimized for search engines. This can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth.
  5. Unique Web Content: Make sure that your content is interesting and useful to your visitors. And more importantly, make sure that it is 100% unique to your website, and not simply paraphrased or spun from another, similar network.
  6. Information & Support: If you hope to receive orders or requests via a web form, make sure that it is working properly. Your website certainly has to have a great look and feel, but it also needs to be fully transparent and technically functional.