Data Cloud Security: Secure Access Management

To truly harness these benefits, IT, DevOps, and security teams must learn how to properly govern access to their Data Cloud for all their employees, partners, applications, and BI tools without impacting agility and user experience.

In this white paper, we outline a new model for Data Cloud security, and describe a solution that organizations can use to implement it.

Data Cloud and Infrastructure-as-Code are two inevitable shifts for companies of all shapes and sizes. The lack of support for IDP protocols like SAML and OIDC for data repositories, however, makes it very hard for organizations to simultaneously be agile, data-driven, and secure. 

Cyral provides a Security as Code approach to easily govern all access to the Data Cloud. By statelessly intercepting requests to every data endpoint, Cyral is able to provide identity federation across all data repositories, BI tools, applications, and identity providers.

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