How To Be A Data-Driven Marketing Powerhouse With Predictive Analytics & Big Data

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How is it that b-to-b marketers have more data sources than ever before, but many are still in the dark about how to reach more of the right prospects? Sometimes the sheer volume of data can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, with the right processes, skills and tools, many companies are transforming their approach to demand creation and letting data do the work for them.

Marketers need to make decisions in a data-rich environment, where vast amounts of customer data are flowing not only from the company’s internal systems such as CRM, marketing automation and web analytics, but also from external sources such as social, mobile, and other sources that can be found all over the web. But how do you separate the good data that signify buying signals from the noise found in the rest of the data? And what new skills and processes bring them to life?

In this dynamic session, we’ll hear from thought leaders from LinkedIn, SiriusDecisions and Mintigo on the best strategies for taking a data-driven approach to marketing. They will address key considerations and best practices to answer essential questions around:

  • How the explosion of big data and emerging predictive technologies is transforming the marketing discipline
  • Examples of marketers at leading companies are effectively utilizing big data & predictive analytics
  • Recommendations for preparing your marketing team to become a data-driven organization

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