Demystifying Modern Business Intelligence

It seems like every business intelligence (BI) vendor is offering a solution that’s “user-friendly” and has great data visualization options. But it’s clear that not all solutions are created equal, and you need to make a decision about where to invest. So what’s a data-driven organization to do?

You could start by reading this Gartner report, entitled “How to Implement a Modern Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform.” Gartner author Joao Tapadinhas argues that easy-to-use solutions are necessary, but not sufficient, for widespread analytics success. Even more important is effective integration between the data discovery and visualization front end, and the underlying governance and management systems that form the backbone of an enterprise platform.

The Gartner report reveals where organizations seeking BI often go wrong, and has specific recommendations tailored to your use case, regardless of whether you want your analytics system to prioritize trust, autonomy or insight.

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