Driving Opportunity for Credit Unions: U.S. Vehicle Accessibility Index 2023

Between rising vehicle costs, the return to physical workplaces and a growing move away from urban hubs with public transportation, the question of vehicle access comes into stark focus. But what’s keeping people from buying vehicles? Is it just affordability or are other factors at play such as negative perceptions of the lending process? 83% of non-car owners said they would return to a lender for other purposes if they had a positive automotive loan experience.

Access this interactive eBook and learn how credit unions can better reach non-vehicle owners—especially those in lower credit score segments—while limiting risk and driving profitability. This report explores:

  • How does a lack of a vehicle impact daily life?
  • What role can financial institutions play in expanding vehicle access?
  • The opportunity for CUs to gain new members through a smooth lending process

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