Edge of Opportunity: Identifying Use Cases Driving Market Demand

VMware Telco Cloud Platform Edge is well suited to support these ambitions. Its edge-to-cloud orchestration capabilities ensure that workloads are moved seamlessly
to the right location, and its management tools empower telecom operators to manage distributed sites at scale.

Edge computing will likely comprise the following key elements:

  • Device: Physical equipment with embedded software and SIM
  • Connectivity: Connectivity from device to edge for processing
  • Edge IaaS: Edge cloud infrastructure (compute and storage)
  • Developer platform: Developer tools, application creation and monitoring and
  • reporting
  • Distributed edge PaaS: Resource management and orchestration from edge to
  • cloud
  • Solution software: End software application – some workloads hosted at the edge
  • Integration and service: Installation and maintenance of the solution 

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