EMA Report: Network Management Megatrends, 2020

Based on a survey of 350 North American and European IT professionals, the 2020 research reveals that collaboration between network and security teams is essential, the Internet of Things is impacting the majority of networks today, software-defined networking is driving change in the datacenter, and network managers are turning to streaming network telemetry and cloud provider flow logs to enhance operations.

Download this comprehensive, 65-page report to learn how significant technology and business trends are impacting network management strategies. Key findings related to network monitoring and analytics include:

  • While enterprises are making progress in reducing fragmented network management toolsets, 64% of enterprises still use 4 to 10 tools to monitor and troubleshoot their networks.
  • More than 33% of all IT service problems are detected and reported by end usersbefore the network operations team is aware of them.
  • Cloud provider flow logs (e.g., AWS VPC flow or Azure NSG flow logs) have emerged as a critical data source for sustained operational monitoring, troubleshooting, and capacity planning.
  • 71% of enterprises are interested in collecting streaming network telemetry with their network management tools.

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