Email Marketing & Optimization Hacks – All Supported by Actual Case Studies

Although there are many marketing channels available to you in today’s business world, email is arguably still the most powerful strategy for both B2B and B2C advertisers. As a cost-effective solution, email marketing allows you to reach potential customers at the place they visit the most almost every day – their inbox.

However, it’s not enough to just blindly send out promotional emails from time to time. Your potential clients receive dozens of emails every day, but open only a small portion of them, ultimately engaging with even fewer.

That all being said, it’s more than evident that optimizing your email marketing strategy should be a high priority here in late 2018. Compliments of the team at, please check out the infographic below, and gain insight on the newest and most efficient email marketing hacks, all supported by actual case studies.

Email Marketing & Optimization Hacks

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