Essential Technologies for Automated IT Operations with 451 Research

Modern businesses that have embraced the digital era have implemented a near unmanageable multitude of technologies and services from a vast landscape of IT vendors, cloud and managed service providers.

Each of these vendors and providers presents a new means to provision and manage resources, services and infrastructure; develop and deploy software; and overcome anomalies and outages to keep business flowing.

Moreover, the exponential growth of IT innovations like container- and microservices-based applications; artificial intelligence and machine learning; and the Internet of Things add even more complexity. To cope, IT planners and operators must adapt and augment IT strategy and operations. Many now seek new means to manage and integrate their IT tools at hand, and augment them with technology to automate as many IT operations as possible, while unifying across complex IT ecosystems.

Hear from Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst at 451 Research, and Vijay Kurkal, Chief Executive Officer for Resolve, as they discuss strategic approaches and the technical apparatus needed to automate today’s IT operations. Join us for a deep dive on:

  • How industry leading organizations view and create competitive advantage leveraging automation, and how IT organizations must avoid being placed at a competitive disadvantage
  • How to select essential technologies, tools and platforms needed for adaptive and agile IT operations
  • How next-generation IT automation platforms come together to enable, simplify and support IT operations

Attendees will learn the strategy and practices to master IT modernization and process automation as means to enable and run the modern digital business.

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