EUC with HCI: Why It Matters

On-Demand Webinar
Software is redefining the way business is done, and applications are at the center of this disruptive storm. The storm is bringing change at a higher velocity, with more volume, and greater variety of new technology, data, and processes to data centers. How can IT departments and their personnel deal with this onslaught of change and successful deliver value to their end-users and ultimately, the business?
EUC with HCI is the answer. Join Kong Yang, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager at Nutanix, to learn how successful EUC with HCI implementations empower organizations and professionals to navigate the cloudy storms of change and bring success to their business.
Attendees will learn:
  • About how the challenges presented by the 3 C’s — Cost, Complexity, and Cloudy Choices — block EUC success
  • Why EUC and HCI overcomes the top 3 C’s
  • Why EUC success translates well for cloud initiatives

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