Explore Lacework Cloud Security Solutions and Get a Free Pair of Apple Airpods or a Sonos Bluetooth Speaker

Cloud computing has brought a need for more robust security measures. By deploying a proper cloud protection platform, organizations ensure that vulnerabilities are addressed, misconfigurations are recognized, and compliance requirements are satisfied.

The speed and scale of the cloud requires a new approach to cloud security, one driven by automation and machine learning. Leading cloud security platforms are now self-adapting, with automated processes that develop behavioral models at scale. This translates to increased reaction speed.

More specifically, leading platforms move beyond traditional rules-based responses that lack contextual insight, require constant updating, and leave you vulnerable to compromise. These platforms detect malicious behaviors without creating a single rule.

Request a 30-minute call to discover how Trace3 and Lacework can help your organization get up to “cloud speed” with a new approach to cloud security.

When you take time out of your day to meet with us, we’ll thank you with a complimentary gift-either a free pair of Apple Airpods or a Sonos speaker.

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