Finance and IT: Empowering a Partnership for Success in the New Workplace

Finance and IT collaboration is a MUST to navigate the changing landscape for travel, expenses, and invoicing.

Join experts from Oxford Economics Research and SAP Concur as they share findings from a new survey exploring how finance and IT leaders are guiding strategy in the approaching post-pandemic era. Results suggest that finance and IT leaders are increasingly in the driver’s seat for setting their company’s strategy, but they need to strengthen their partnership to achieve common goals as the uneven pace of pandemic recovery leaves an uncertain road ahead.

This webinar will share key findings from the research:

  • Finance and IT leaders are playing an accelerated strategic role in business operations, so they will need to bolster their collaboration as a new post-pandemic era approaches
  • Various operational changes were made in response to the pandemic, yet many respondents are not sure if these changes will stay
  • Technology and culture continue to pose challenges, but they can be transformed into business assets
  • Leaders are not getting the most value from their technologies. SAP Concur can help companies optimize their technologies to solve problems and streamline processes

Organizations need the right infrastructure from both departments in order to support new work environments. See what these new strides look like for your organization. Register today!

Our Experts:

Ben Wright

Senior Analyst at Oxford Economics

Dan Svihel

Client Sales Executive at SAP Concur

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