Finding Success in Home Care

The fight for survival has become evident amongst home care agencies in recent years—even more so with the emergence of a global pandemic. And to stay afloat, many organizations are turning to digital tools and solutions to streamline their onboarding and administrative processes. Furthermore, as the caregiver shortage becomes more and more prominent, independent contractor management tools are providing agencies the edge they need to adapt and thrive in today’s environment.  

Learn how a reputable home care agency migrated more than 600 host home ICs into a new, automated system—allowing them to adapt, grow, and succeed in an increasingly competitive home care industry.  


The home care industry is facing two challenging trends: a need for more caregivers and a shifting labor landscape that makes recruiting independent caregivers more difficult. But there are alternative solutions to allow agencies a more flexible and attractive business model.  

In our whitepaper, we'll examine:

  • Compliance Best Practices —> How technology-driven solutions can streamline compliance efforts 

  • Modernized Operations —> Reducing costs, risks, and time associated with administrative processes 

  • Proactive Business Models —> Providing evidence of compliance and limiting vulnerabilities 


We provide user-friendly software and services built to reduce the risks and increase the efficiency of companies that utilize independent caregivers. Openforce’s technology empowers home care agencies to recruit, onboard, pay, and insure independent caregivers compliantly and confidently. 

After years of helping home care agencies avoid and defend against misclassification claims, we’ve developed the tools and network to enable agencies and caregivers alike to adapt to a new world of work. 

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