Five Quantitative Tech Tools That You Can Leverage for Business Analytics

There are hundreds of educational tools out there to utilize for your business, but which ones are right to help your business save time? Understanding which tools to use will help you focus on results and drive your business forward.

In this article, we’ll direct you to the five best education-focused technology tools that you can leverage to solve your problems related to math, physics, chemistry, statistics and more.


Mera Calculator is an educational website that offers several calculators for math, physics, chemistry, and statistics.

This website has fourteen different categories. Here are some educational calculators that this website offers.

  • Antiderivative Calculator
  • Implicit Differentiation Calculator
  • Double Angle Identities Calculator
  • Reciprocal Calculator
  • Mole Calculator
  • The Molar Mass of Gas Calculator
  • Euler Number Calculator
  • Newton’s Law of Cooling Calculator

This website also shows you how to get the result in a step-by-step way. The result can be copied, download, or printed from this site.

In addition to the calculators, you can also read articles in this website’s blog section. If English is not your primary language, you are able to change the language in this tool. This website is free of cost. is an educational source where you can get the results of your desired input. This source has ten categories with many educational tools available. has calculators that are divided into categories: Health, Informative, Finance, Math, Fitness, Constructions, Physics, Chemistry, and Conversion Calculators to perform the educational problems.

Here are some calculator tools that offers.

  • Slope Calculator
  • Pythagorean Theorem Calculator
  • Greatest Common Factor Calculator
  • Probability Calculator
  • Kinetic Energy Calculator
  • Bernoulli Numbers Calculator
  • Chemical Equation Balancer Calculator

And many other educational tools are available on this website. To use these calculators you have to put the question into the input box of the required calculator tool. You will get the answer in no time in a step-by-step way. Like MeraCalculator this source is also free of cost.


Calculatorschool is also another educational site that is very helpful. It has almost 10 categories of online calculators. It offers mathematics, physics, and statistical, financial, analytical geometry, budget, chemistry and bandwidth calculators.

Here are some calculators offered by this site.

  • Number to Words Converter (Vice Versa)
  • Two’s Complement Calculator
  • HCF and LCM Calculator
  • One’s Complement Calculator
  • Pascal’s Triangle Calculator
  • Potential Energy Calculator

On this site, students can choose any calculator tool that is related to their problem. The answer to the given question will come in a few seconds. This site is also free to use and can be used on laptops, mobiles and PCs. The results are present in the step-by-step method. is an online tool that calculates critical values. You can read the content of this source to understand critical values in depth.

This tool offers to calculate the critical values in two ways:

  • T critical value
  • Z critical value

This Critical value calculator answers the given question in three different ways:

  • right-tailed probability
  • left tailed probability
  • two-tailed probabilities

You can also use critical value tables from this source if they are given a problem to solve by using the table. And if the problem is given to solve without a table, put the question into the input box. There are three types of results from the output box. Take the required answer and press the reset button to put another input. is an online tool used for the calculations of the statistical problem. This tool is very beneficial for problems with standard deviation. This tool takes sample data as well as population data into consideration.

This online tool offers to get the various results of the sample data such as:

  • Variance of sample
  • The standard deviation of the sample
  • Variance of population
  • The standard deviation of the population
  • Differences of the sample
  • Square of the differences

This tool also tells the mean of the given data by taking the sum and total numbers given in the data. You can read the content available on this source to understand the topic and then solve the required problem. Like other sites mentioned above, standard deviation is also free.


The above-mentioned educational sites are very useful to leverage for your business. Using these sites will not only give you the answers but show you the step-by-step process for each calculation. Utilizing the right tool will save time and help your business get the results it needs quickly.

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