How CFOs Can Build and Implement an Agile Growth Strategy

The world of business – and finance in particular – has entered a new era of possibility and growth. Ours is now an “agile age” where flexibility and modernization are essential to sustaining momentum through rapidly shifting economic conditions.  

While each CFO’s strategy will differ based on needs and market, there are some key considerations every agile strategy should include. What are they? Why do they matter? A new playbook offers financial leaders a step-by-step look at achieving operational excellence through agility, with AP automation serving as the prime exemplar of a fast-pivot, technology-based approach. The playbook also discusses:

  • What to look for in a winning AP automation solution without compromising current infrastructure investment, including ERP 
  • 4 key factors to check-off in implementing an agile strategy, from automating repetitive tasks to the value of patience
  • 3 takeaways each CFO should hold close on an agile-based journey

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