How Curatrix Technologies evolved from a reactive MSP to a proactive MSP

Curatrix Technologies, an MSP based out of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, wanted to shift their business from being a reactive MSP to a proactive MSP that was able to work with their clients on future goals and strategies. To achieve this goal, Curatrix needed to improve their meetings and work sessions with clients to get ahead of issues before they happen. Building strong relationships and strategy was a top priority, and they needed a solution to help achieve that goal.

“We’re being paid to be a managed service provider, right. A managed one, not a ‘sit on the sidelines waiting for stuff to go wrong’ provider. It’s a managed service provider,” said Nick DaCosta-Greene, Operations Director at Curatrix.

By automating their reporting using ScalePad’s asset lifecycle report, Curatrix was able to have more productive and focused quarterly business reviews, enabling them to become more proactive and strategic with their clients.

Read more about Curatrix’s move from a reactive MSP to one focused on being strategic and proactive. 

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