Increase output, uptime & savings PowerFlex 755TS

Increase the output, uptime, and savings of your industrial applications with the PowerFlex® 755TS drive with TotalFORCE® Technology. This next-generation AC drive is designed to meet the biggest challenges faced by manufacturers across various industries and environments. With innovative features such as motor agnostic control, high torque accuracy, and superior electric motor control, the PowerFlex 755TS is a flexible and high-performance drive that can meet all your applications.

The TotalFORCE technology in this drive provides operational intelligence and eased commissioning and optimization, helping you make smart operation, energy, and predictive maintenance decisions. You can take a proactive approach to operation and maintenance with the diagnostic data that continuously monitors the drive health and calculates the expected life of components based on actual operating conditions. Adaptive control simplifies the commissioning and tuning experience, reducing start-up time and enhancing the out-of-the-box tuning experience.

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