Individual Health Insurance: Benefiting Companies & Employees


Now more than ever, companies are tasked with providing quality health coverage for their employees. Not only is this kind of coverage now mandated  by the federal government, but companies that treat their employees with quality benefits are more likely to retain them, which in turn reduces the costs of training and hiring… while also maintaining high levels of productivity. However, many businesses simply go with a “lump group insurance” package where everyone receives the same coverage. It is easy and doesn’t take much thought; but it also costs more than individual health insurance. For a company looking to offer varying packages – and also save money at the same time – individual health insurance can significantly benefit both the employees and the company itself.

Save with Individual Insurance Packages

Every employee is going to want different insurance coverage. One person who is younger and physically fit might not believe they need as much coverage as someone else. It should be up to the individuals to determine what sort of coverage they have, not just a bulk plan. By offering employees the opportunity to select their own individual insurance package, a company pays a smaller amount for each employee yet the employees are able to take the money and use it as they see fit. Someone who is looking for family coverage can shop around to different insurance companies to find the right service provider that works for their needs. On the other hand, someone who just wants the basic, catastrophic coverage can go that route as well.

It’s All About Choice

For someone who only wants bare bones coverage, they can opt for the plan and see money returned to their paycheck every pay period. Everyone likes to have a choice, and with an individual health insurance plan it is finally possible for every employee to have this opportunity. These plans are better for employees and it also helps save the company money.

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