InfluxDB + Kepware: Start Monitoring Industrial Data Quickly

Kepware (a PTC Technology) is the market leader in Industrial Connectivity platforms and is helping companies bridge the gap between IT and OT. For the past 25 years, Kepware has developed industrial connectivity tools including over 150 industrial drivers, and supporting over 300 protocols – from traditional automation protocols such as OPC UA or OPC DA to more modern IIoT protocols like MQTT or REST. Together with InfluxDB, customers achieve quick time to value, gaining insights from their industrial time-stamped data. Developers are able to collect, process, store and analyze thousands of metrics faster! Join this webinar to learn multiple approaches to sending IIoT data to a time series database.

In this webinar, Kyle Carreau and Jay Clifford dive into:

  • How to use Telegraf to send OPC UA and MQTT metrics to InfluxDB
  • The new Kepware IoT Gateway Advanced Template features to send data directly to InfluxDB
  • Best practices for using InfluxDB + Kepware for industrial automation – stick around for a demo!


Kyle Carreau
Partner Enablement Engineer
Kepware Products
Kyle Carreau is a Partner Enablement Engineer working for PTC on the Kepware Channel Team. Kyle is the “go-to” technical resource for Kepware’s Technology partners, International Distributors, and North American Resellers. He has almost a decade of experience in Industrial Automation with a heavy focus on Industrial Networking and communications, SCADA/HMI software, and PLCs.

Jay Clifford­
Developer Advocate
Jay Clifford is a Developer Advocate for InfluxData. Before joining InfluxData he previously specialised in solving industrial pain points using Vision AI and OT connectivity. Jay now uses his experience within the IoT and automation sector to enable developers and industrial customers alike to realise the potential of Time Series data and analytics.


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