Instagram for Business: How Companies Are Using Instagram Stories as a Marketing Tool

Initially launched in 2016, “Instagram Stories” became an instant hit, adored and engaged by 300+ million users on a daily basis. On average, these users spend around 24 to 32 minutes per day on Instagram – with the time variance being based on user age range. Considering the significance of these numbers, it is clear that Instagram offers an amazing opportunity for companies to reach a broad range of audiences, promote their brands, and take user engagement to a whole new level.

In fact, according to Instagram, 1 in 3 of the most viewed stories actually originate from business users (not just people posting their personal images). So, the moral of the story? Not using Instagram Stories could actually mean that you’re being left behind the competition. That being said, our friends over at 99firms have created a descriptive infographic (below) to teach you more about how big business is using Instagram Stories – to give more voice and personality to their brand. What’s more, is that this data is based on 30 separate business case studies… Read on >>


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