Considering Running an SEO Campaign? Find Out if it’s Worth the Expense

Search engine optimization is used in many successful digital marketing strategies, allowing different brands to rank high in search results. Despite the benefit of having better online visibility, some businesses may be hard-pressed to invest in an SEO campaign due to the high cost.

Brands that cannot afford to divert resources to an SEO campaign tend to rely on more low-cost alternatives like local business listings, diner placemats, and local mailings. Though such options are more affordable, their conversion rates are low. Companies that resort to these cheaper alternatives will not see any substantial increase in their clients and sales.

Other digital marketing strategies still have their use in improving a brand’s visibility, but they should not be used as a total replacement for search engine optimization. Many people use the internet to look for the services they need, and SEO is the key to make a brand visible when people search for the services or products they need.

SEO leverages the internet’s power to guarantee that a brand will be visible to its target customers, even if it is not a well-known name. Investing in an SEO campaign gives small businesses a chance to be competitive. To figure out if SEO is worth the expense, see Landau Consulting’s infographic here.

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