Leave Management Outsourcing Guide

Leave administration is the process of managing leave claims and documentation for the employee while maintaining compliance for the organization.

Cost of Poor Leave Management

  • Productivity loss due to absences
  • Wages for temporary workers
  • Overtime pay
  • Legal fees for noncompliance issues
  • Settlement payout for employee lawsuits
  • Fines and fees to government for noncompliance
  • Disengaged employees and increased turnover
  • Time and costs needed to train managers leave law basics

GTM's Leave Management Administration service handles all types of leaves and the entire process from compliance, documentation, approval, tracking, and employee follow-up while reducing risk, maintaining compliance, and freeing up your HR team's time. The service is delivered via a secure, cloud-based solution and backed by a dedicated team of specialists who are SHRM- and FMLA-certified professionals.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the advantages, costs, and challenges of choosing a way to manage your leave administration.

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