The Marketer’s Guide to Starting & Promoting a Successful Business Blog

For B2B marketers, creating a business blog from scratch may sound a little daunting. However, establishing a successful blog doesn’t necessarily have to be as hard as you think. Thanks to powerful tools like WordPress – that has extensive support and enjoys advanced hosting solutions – blogging can be a truly rewarding activity. The use of blogging is on the rise, both for individuals and businesses. An individual may choose to write a blog for any number of reasons, whether it is to document their travel journey, to share ideas with others, for recipes, beauty tips… The options are endless.

Businesses can also harness the power of blogging in many different ways. Fundamentally, it can be used to provide the customer with valuable information about the industry the company is in. Often this will lead to additional benefits like helping to entice more potential customers to the site, boosting SEO, appearing to be an expert in the field, providing content for site visitors to share and many others. So, with all these potential benefits, it makes sense for the majority of online businesses to run their own blog. For the most part, all that is required is time and patience to write the content. Start with decision what your blog will be about and which blogging platform you can get the most out of. Some of the most common choices include WordPress and reveals what steps lead to the creation of the perfect blog post, such as forming a title, how you can best utilize images in a post, forming an introduction and how long your post should be in order to achieve the best results. You can learn about the best days and times to post and how to use blogging to your advantage. Josh Wardini, of, has provided us with this informative infographic on business blogging best practices >>

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