Mastering Traceability and Product Insight

The need to record and track ingredients and finished goods is not just a quality control and regulatory requirement.  The entire supply chain from customers to suppliers have assumptions that impact the quality and detail of product insight available.

A modern ERP system designed for the food industry will have capabilities for traceability but how you implement this depends on your business needs.   The expectations of customers, regulators, and your internal quality assurance team as well as the limitations of the data you received from your suppliers and capabilities of your other supporting applications all have to be considered.

Watch this webinar with Ultra Consultants’ Rafael Calderon, Project Manager – Food & Beverage / Pharma and Sage’s Mike Edgett, U.S. Product Marketing Director – Medium Segment.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The latest trends in supply chain traceability
  • The evolution of traceability technology
  • Best practices for evaluation and implementation

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