Why Millions of Web Developers Continue to Use and Switch Over to PHP

There are several reasons that most of today’s web development firms have turned to PHP as their primary coding language, and this article will outline some of the script’s most important benefits. Currently, there are millions of websites that have been developed with PHP… And that figure only continues to increase as we head towards 2019.

Compliments of the folks at TopAppDevelopmentCompanies.com, the following article lays out some of the benefits associated with using and developing in PHP – the scripting language that has attracted a lot of developers over the last several years, and continues to do so in record numbers today…



The language is suitable for all categories of websites. It works with websites built on CMS frameworks, it also works fine with websites built of coding frameworks, and developing e-commerce websites is also easy with PHP. Most of all, it is also great with databases too. This implies that once you master the language, you may not need to use any other language extensively any more.


Ease of use

The language is quite easier to learn when compared with most scripting languages. This is because its syntax is simple to understand. People who are good in either C or Perl will find the language super easy to learn. Due to its simplicity, it also takes much less time to learn. You know it takes months to learn some other languages before you can use them for a project. Learning PHP does not take that long.


More Control

The fact that the language has more control makes it possible for users to achieve much with fewer lines of codes, especially when it is being used to develop a website. One of the hardest things about programming is writing hundreds of lines of codes. Using the language will reduce the lines of code tremendously. Only people that have used other scripting languages will understand this huge advantage.


Cost Effectiveness

As mentioned earlier, the language is open source and it is completely free. Unlike other languages that requires you paying for certain application or software through your nose. So, it will cost you less to develop a website. This could be more profit for you as a developer because the cost of website is usually not quantified with the scripting language used. This means you can still charge the amount you would have charged if you used other languages.


High Levels of Efficiency

The most important feature of this language is its high level of efficiency. The website developed with the language is usually scalable and also very reliable too. Most importantly, websites developed with the language are relatively easier for search engine bots to crawl so they rank relatively higher than others. If you need to develop a website with numerous pages, this language should be your best bet.


Quick Access to Support

Thousands of web developments companies use this language and they have formed a large community. No matter the kind of problem you may run into, some members of the community have run into it before. They will be too eager to help you out. So, when you run into any challenge with the language, you can reach out to the community and members will help you out.


PHP is Supported by All Web Browsers

Do you know that some websites work better on some websites than on others? This is why some websites will stipulate the kind of browsers to use if you want to get more from their website. PHP does not work like that. It supports Windows, Unix, Linux, MacOS, and all other browsers. So the websites built with the language will perform greatly in any browser.

It does not only support all browsers, it also supports all the major web servers. So PHP websites work well with Netscape, Microsoft IIS, Apache, and others. The major advantage of this is that the websites will load faster on any of the servers. They will be very responsive with almost zero downtime.

Another reason for fast loading is the fact that PHP uses its own memory. The workload on the server will be reduced tremendously. This results in a relatively faster processing speed. It also reduces the turnaround time for web development since the development time will be reduced automatically. The difference in development time is more obvious when developing either CRM or an eCommerce website.


PHP is Secure

Since it has got a security layer for protection against threats and all forms of malwares, it is one of the most secured scripting languages for the development of websites and web applications. This also implies that it is harder to hack websites developed with PHP. With the rate of cyber-fraud and online identity thefts happening all over the world right now, no individual or organization jokes with security and safety anymore.


PHP is Time Tested, Trusted

PHP has been used for over twenty years by millions of people and it has delivered consistently. It has proven to be reliable because all its capabilities have been tested numerous times and they are now fully trusted. Millions of highly experienced and productive web developers can’t be wrong when they say the same thing.



PHP Decodes HTML

With other tools, you may have to code HTML separately but it is not like that with PHP since it has the ability to decode HTML. So, you won’t need to rewrite every line of HTML codes during web development. Other scripting languages or web development tools do not have this feature.


Availability of Online Resources

Since it has a large community, a lot of the members of the community have posted numerous learning resources on the internet. So, if you want to learn the language, you will find so many free resources on the internet. That way, you won’t spend much to learn the language.

Now that you have learnt some of the advantages of PHP over other web development tools, why not give it a shot in your next web development project? You may never have the cause to use any other web development tool again after trying the language.


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