Next-Gen eCommerce Search and Product Discovery Solutions for Forward-Thinking Retailers & Wholesalers

Each year, retailers lose over $300 billion from bad online search experiences in the U.S. alone. With such staggering revenue losses, your eCommerce site should aim to beat the competition by offering the best experience, not the best deal.

​Join the panel discussion hosted by experts from Google Cloud, GroupBy Inc., and Grid Dynamics to hear their insights on how to overcome eCommerce challenges by adding intelligence and personalization to the buyer’s journey with next-gen, Google-quality search and recommendations.

​Leading this technology revolution are partners like Google Cloud and GroupBy, while Grid Dynamics seamlessly accelerates the unique integration of the product. Together, they can help your organization gain faster speed-to-market, and maximum ROI, while delivering optimal customer experiences with AI-powered search.

​ Key Takeaways:  

  • The criticality of search, specifically for eCommerce retailers
  • What makes next-generation Google Cloud Retail Search different from legacy search solutions
  • How to reduce search abandonment
  • How current customers are benefiting from AI-powered Search and Product Discovery solutions: eCommerce B2B and B2C challenges, use cases and solutions
  • How your merchandising team can spend less time on manual interventions and search tuning, and more time on revenue-generating business initiatives
  • How you can lower TCO through optimization and efficiency gains in your tech stack
  • How to choose the best solution provider for your organization

Who should attend?

​B2B and B2C enterprise eCommerce business leaders and decision makers looking to accelerate revenue growth.

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