Powering the Energy & Utilities Industry with IT

As more functions move to the cloud and SaaS-based applications, utilities must ensure their employees have the tools and support they need to function smoothly in their daily tasks. For those who do, the benefits of improving the digital experience can be as wide-ranging as driving down costs, while also helping utilities maintain a positive employee experience and reach their decarbonization goals. In this webinar, IT and software services expert Nexthink will discuss the successful implementation of digital experience improvements with Eversource, a Fortune 500 utility serving over 4 million customers in the Northeast. Viewers will learn:

  • The importance of data-driven approaches to employee asset and device management
  • How "green IT" initiatives can help utilities meet sustainability and decarbonization goals
  • How Eversource leveraged data to better migrate software platforms and engage employees around IT issues
  • Why leaders should use data to inform IT budgeting, and how Eversource is managing these initiatives

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