Cloud Security: Preemptively Stop Ransomware, Malware & Phishing Attacks

As businesses rely more and more on cloud computing with each passing year, cyber security can no longer be a matter of “waiting for an attack to occur,” and then simply trying to mitigate the fallout. It’s become more about uncovering attacks before they ever happen in the first place. These solutions even go one step beyond that, however, because they are designed first and foremost to be intelligent solutions. They don’t just uncover attacks. They shed light on the “cyber fingerprints” that hackers often leave behind during attempted ransomware, malware & phishing attacks.

Think of it as you would the flu – or any type of living virus. Each year, the flu evolves – adapting to the techniques that we used to combat it the previous year (and ultimately becoming stronger and stronger over time as a result). This is precisely what effective cloud security does through intelligent scanning and protection. It learns how threats work, how they evolve, and predicts where they’ll come from. It learns why they’re successful and what they tend to target. It then uses all of this actionable information to not only provide you with a first line of defense against the threats of the Internet, but also, goes a long way towards guaranteeing that your defenses are even stronger tomorrow than they were today.

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