Seven Types of Mobile Apps that can be Developed with React Native

Every time we think of building mobile apps, lots of questions come to mind. What type of OS APIs should you use? Is the cross-platform solution best? Should you hire native app developers? To create a top-notch product is the priority. By identifying what is needed for your business, you can easily choose the tech stack essential for the app.

In the world of programming, developers used to face a lot of challenges. Cross-platform technologies used to deliver subpar UX for apps. However, React Native has come up with the best solution that provides cross-platform flexibility while presenting a native look to the app.

As an open-source framework, React Native helps in building cross-platform applications. Since its introduction by Facebook, it has transformed the cross-platform app development world. Many reputed brands have chosen this framework to help their business apps to grow a strong relationship with clients. The best feature of this technology is Hot Reload. It enables developers to make the development process faster.

Why do we use React Native to create mobile apps?

Learn once, write anywhere. This approach has made React Native the best app development solution. A React Native developer enables you to develop apps for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms using a basic framework. Instagram, Airbnb, Facebook, and several other popular apps have used this technology.

The market is full of diverse types of apps, and each of them has different functionalities. Therefore, you may have questions regarding the compatibility of React Native to your app like “Is React Native the best fit for my app?” Let’s have a look at the type of apps where React Native works best.

Clickable prototypes

What are clickable prototypes? A clickable prototype is a quick mockup of the user-oriented parts of a software application. This prototype is based on users’ needs. Building a clickable prototype is an iterative and collaborative process which requires several steps.

The purpose for creating this prototype is to click on every screen and navigate through the users’ path. App prototyping is about the way of:

  • Distilling the users’ needs into an understandable format to deliver the message to the intended parties
  • Focusing on the app functionalities without concentrating on branding and aesthetics
  • Debugging the app by testing it with the end-users

When you need to test and verify a simple app with some target users, React Native is the right option for developers. A React Native development company builds a prototype, which presents the app with a working version. Although developers do not ensure 100% fidelity to the app prototype, it is essential to validate the app concept this way.

Apps that do not need to be highly reliant on native APIs

While building React Native apps, developers focus on native API for GPS, camera, and other features. To integrate these features, professionals need to have native app development skills. They must have Swift/Java knowledge. This approach can also make the app complicated and affect the performance standard of your app. You might need to hire more than one developer to accomplish the process.

When your mobile app does not need native APIs, React Native is the best solution.

Cross-platform apps

Some business apps need platform-oriented features, including video processing and multi-threading. If this is the case, go for native solutions.

However, React Native is the best solution for those who have a tight budget and your target market includes both Android and iOS users. One interface will work best on both these platforms. The look and feel of the interface will not be different for iOS and Android OS users. With React Native, you can save time and avoid complications.

For example, let’s look at the Townske app. It is a React Native application that shares city guides. At its launch, Townske had only one app development and it was not easy to create separate applications for two different mobile platforms.

React Native eliminate the issues for Townske by it helping with faster development of cross-platform mobile applications. Despite facing several obstacles in the early period of app development, Townske was able to overcome them quickly. This company has also gained trust in the app development framework. Code reuse, a strong community, and easy debugging have become highly advantageous to developers.

Apps serving users for a limited period

Do you need an instant app development solution? You may have some temporary needs for building an app and you do not care about app maintenance. Agility and speed are two important factors. In this case, you can invest in React Native development services. An example of this situation might be if you are going to host a temporary contest and you only need the app available for a few days.

Apps that need highly innovative User Interface

The look and functionality of React Native applications can be similar to what we have found in native iOS app and Android apps. In their interface, native Objective C/Java runs on the main thread. Simultaneously, several applications run on a different JavaScript thread. Although these are lightning-fast, they communicate only with the bridge. As you pass a high volume of data using the bridge, there will be slower app performance.

If the native app UI elements interact with JS codes, you might see a negative effect on performance. When your app needs very few views and interactions, React Native is the right choice.

Mobile-friendly lifestyle apps

Do you read fashion magazines? Then, you might have heard about the lifestyle app, known as Vogueworld. At first, Vogueworld app developers chose a native development solution to add special features, like watching videos, getting the latest news alerts, sharing content, and saving favorite images.

However, it was too overwhelming for native apps to have these features. Consequently, the professional developers of Vogueworld made the decision to use the lightweight app development framework, React Native.

eCommerce apps

When you need to build a well designed app with reusable components, React Native is surely a perfect choice. Which feature comes in front of your eyes while thinking of the eCommerce app performance? Lazy-loaded lists. React Native presents you with SectionList/FlatList components that easily manage them.

Although mobile app development appears to be challenging, React Native has simplified it. Walmart, one of the retail market leaders in the USA, has a React Native app for customers. To build an eCommerce platform, you can rely on this app development framework.

These are just a few ways React Native can benefit your app developers. In the world of app development frameworks, React Native is relatively young and evolving rapidly. It is better to work with a React Native app development agency, as professionals are more knowledgeable about the codebase. Trust and cooperation are essential to make an app successful.

Author Bio:

Rushabh Patel is Founder and CEO of Siddhi InfoSoft, a React Native App Development Company focused on creating experiences that connect, perform & inspire. We believe in delivering perfect business solutions by adopting the latest.