The IBM Virtual Finance Forum 2016

While 81% believe optimizing planning, budgeting and forecasting is the top priority, only 62% feel their organization is effective.

In IBM's latest CFO study, CFOs told us that the pressure to innovate has never been greater and that they need to prepare for a future in which disruption is pervasive, and part of the normal course of business. In response, leading finance organizations are applying analytics to drive finance efficiency, create agility, and deliver stronger foresight.

IBM Virtual Finance Forum 2016 is designed to help finance organizations apply analytics in management decision-making in order to anticipate and shape business outcomes more effectively. With keynotes, breakout sessions and booths, finance professionals like you will learn about some of the industry's latest practices in performance management, and see innovative solutions enabled by cloud and cognitive analytics that help you steer business performance more effectively.

Find out firsthand how IBM can help your organization apply cognitive analytics to improve financial and operational performance management:
  • Align metrics, initiatives and resources with strategy continuously
  • Gain new insights into the drivers of revenue, profit and cash flow automatically from your data
  • Create timely, reliable forecasts to align operating costs with new levels of business activity
  • Apply predictive modeling and optimization to improve foresight and trigger action
  • Improve responsiveness to internal and external risks
  • Report with confidence to internal and external stakeholders
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If you want to help the business make better decisions by anticipating the future, you won't want to miss this exclusive event.

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