The State of Digital Personalization (And what we are doing to fix it)

Digital marketing has undergone a profound shift. Today, the customer experience — no longer the
product or service offered — is at the center of all marketing initiatives. A recent Gartner survey shows
that 81% of marketing leaders say they expect to be competing mostly or completely on the basis of
customer experience. The problem? These customers are increasingly difficult to please.

No matter the industry, every organization wants to deliver a better experience for their customers. But
how? In order to address the customer experience challenge, organizations are turning to technology.
Personalization tools in particular help improve CX by using the power of data to customize digital experiences based on audiences' real preferences. But personalization isn't easy.

In this eBook, you'll learn what our experts have to say about:

● The customer experience gap
● Why personalization is so hard
● The key principles to follow to get on the right track with personalization
● How to turn personalization from theory into reality
● The essential tools for personalization

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