The Ultimate Guide to Global DTC Ecommerce for Apparel Brands

Global retail ecommerce sales are expected to climb to almost $5 trillion USD this year, reaching $7.4 trillion by 2025. Consumer confidence in online commerce is growing, and the number of shoppers looking outside their country for the right products will continue to accelerate. According to ESW’s recent global shopper survey, one in four consumers purchase apparel from outside their domestic market.

Best-in-class apparel brands are seizing this opportunity by harnessing the power of global DTC. With greater ownership of customer data and relationships, more flexibility, and visibility over their business, brands who capitalize on the DTC trend will see faster growth and drive higher customer lifetime values.

While the benefits are clear, expanding into new regions is not always smooth sailing. There are multiple complexities, many which vary between each country. Staying on top of these nuances and establishing processes to overcome them can be a time-consuming and expensive investment for brands.

This ebook outlines the challenges for apparel brands, from navigating internal red tape and managing risk to driving demand and handling shopper data. 

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