Top 5 Reasons to Prioritize Privileged Access Management

Securing privileged access is growing more important as enterprise IT and business standards evolve with digital transformation initiatives. Common IT projects like supporting remote work models, increased adoption of cloud services and heavy investments in DevOps enable businesses to realize cost savings and improve operational efficiencies. But the proliferation of identities with access to corporate resources and data creates significant cybersecurity debt. Essentially, the cost of digital transformation is increased with risk of the most common cyberattacks – those leveraging compromised identities and credentials.

Privileged access serves as the gateway towards securing data in any organization. Just like a gateway, it must be holistically secured, preferably with multiple lines of defense. Nearly without fail, attacks follow a tried-and-true progression: compromise an identity, move laterally and ultimately escalate privileges to compromise enterprise resources. Whatever an internal or external bad actor’s objectives may be – disrupting business, exfiltrating data or installing ransomware – they likely need privileged access.

Privileged access management, a core element of Identity Security programs, is one of the most cost-effective strategies to quickly achieve your intended security and compliance outcomes.

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