Understanding the Risks of Legacy ECM

Organizations are coming to the realization that they are building critical business applications on a crumbling foundation of content and data that is not sophisticated or agile enough to adapt at today’s speed of digital business.

The competitive threat is imminent and the sense of urgency is clear. To remain relevant, competitive, and prosper in this new age of digital challengers, organizations must move away from legacy information systems in favor of a more robust combination of modern architecture and modern capabilities. But what must organizations consider when planning their modernization strategy?

This white paper explores the costs and risks of remaining on legacy ECM systems, reasons to choose a modern alternative and key considerations to keep in mind.

Included in this white paper:

  • Are your legacy information system viable for the long run given changing consumer preferences?
  • Have competitive or internal pressures pushed your legacy information systems past their breaking point?
  • List of traits to consider when modernizing legacy information systems

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