V-locity Throughput Acceleration Software for Virtual Servers

Dealing with user complaints is frustrating! Not to mention latency issues, queries or reports timing out, crashes, missed SLAs, back office batch jobs bleeding over into production hours, and so on.

Even after migrating to a brand-new flash array, such performance problems return because the root source of the problem still exists (see video https://youtu.be/Ge-49YYPwBM). The fact is, some 30-40% of performance is being robbed by small, fractured, random I/O being generated due to operating system I/O inefficiencies. This is a software problem that is solved by our software.

And it is easy! Try it for yourself for free – no obligation. We have been in the business of improving the performance of millions of Windows systems for 30+ years. Install our software on your most troublesome servers and see 30-50% or more of the noisy, garbage I/O offloaded and performance dramatically improved.

  • Accelerate automatically – no tuning required. Simply install and watch performance problems disappear.
  • Immediate 2X-10X performance boost depending on amount of available DRAM.
  • Optimizes writes so maximum payload is carried with every I/O operation.
  • Automatically caches hot reads from idle, available DRAM.
  • Dashboard showcases the “time saved” benefits from streamlining I/O to storage and caching reads in memory.
  • Speeds up I/O intensive applications like MS-SQL/Oracle, CRM, ERP, File Servers, Imaging, Web Servers, Backups, VDI.


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Customer Testimonials:

"By trying V-locity software first, we were able to double the performance of our app sitting on SQL, stop all complaints about performance, stop the application from timing out on students, and avoid an expensive forklift hardware upgrade.” - Rich Reitenauer, Manager of Infrastructure Management and Support, Alvernia University.

Doubled the speed of our patient records. No longer a need to make a $2 million storage purchase for performance.” - Tom Swearingen, Manager, Infrastructure Services, CHRISTUS Health

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