Why Voice Remains Critical to Enterprise UC


Even with the evolution of technology, a majority of repondents to enterprise professional surveys still prefer telephone calls when solving complex business issues. Given the business-critical nature of voice calls, industry analysts say there has never been a better time to explore a new phone system, especially those that offer deeply-integrated cloud communications capabilities beyond core telephony.

Key benefits to the ThinkingPhones voice solution:

  • Premise-based IP PBX systems require that equipment is installed and maintained by the enterprise. ThinkingPhones takes away that
    requirement and handles the technology investments, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance—things like adding, moving, and changing
  • Our scalable, end-to-end QoS network costs significantly less than legacy-based premise systems. No need to purchase costly PBX
    equipment and software licenses.
  • Simplifies service delivery by combining voice and data networks onto a single private connection.
  • You keep control over your services via our secure online portal.
  • The cloud is a real opportunity for enterprises to re-evaluate and improve their communications as a whole.

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