Why Does .NET Beat All Other Programming Languages When It Comes to Web Development?

We all know that for any company to succeed, you need to maintain a digital presence. This helps garner attention and create a brand image. Established and well-reputed companies prefer using .NET for web development which allows them to gain as much traction as possible. In this blog, we’ll discuss why companies are choosing .NET over other programming languages.

Introduction to .NET Web Application Development

Web development is the process of creating a website, which includes creating anywhere from a simple web page to a range of complex pages. The web application development process covers various actions such as web design, content creation, server-side and client-side scripting, and network security activities. The growing technology sector and the tendency to develop web apps will empower user experience and facilitate the development process.

According to a report generated by Statistics, PHP and ASP.NET are the two most popular backend technologies which are gaining huge traction from the users. There are more than 20,000,000+ websites that are built using the .NET framework.

Why Choose ASP .NET for Building Web Applications?

Any web development technology can be the right choice for your project if it meets the business requirements and expectations. Here we’re going to discuss the main reasons for choosing ASP.NET instead of other similar platforms. Let’s define the crucial aspects that should be taken into consideration when developing a website.

1. Community Support

If you want to grow your business and be able to address web development issues, you’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing a programming language with huge community for support. The development platform should have an active forum and wikis.

ASP.NET has large community support with expert, professional, and experienced developers who can help resolve complex tasks easily.

2. Availability of Libraries

The number of libraries offered by any web development framework is an important factor for differentiating whether the programming language is good or not. In-built libraries play a crucial role in simplifying and speeding up the processing of data and performance.

ASP.NET offers a variety of web development libraries including reusable classes and interfaces, which are integrated with common language runtime. These libraries are easy to implement in your project and ensure advanced features and functionalities to improve the development process.

3. Ease of Development

We all know that we’re comfortable with a language that is easy to use and maintain. While choosing any web development platform, make sure that you’re selecting a language which can be updated at any stage of development.

The main reason behind the popularity of .NET development is it is easy to use and maintain. .NET has easy syntax so that developers can easily modify the code, wherever required, with the business requirements. The developers working on the .NET framework can run more than one core version at the same time on the same system as well.

4. Quick Deployment

You can easily and quickly deploy applications using the .NET web development framework on any Microsoft server. It allows one-time setup generation to deploy your application faster. Combine .NET with powerful and easy-to-use tools that help you to solve problems in any application without the limitations of a specific language.

5. Cross-platform Support

When a developer builds a website or application, they take into consideration the platform on which the app will run. It’s important to make sure the application runs on all browsers and devices to offer the desired user experience. Another reason behind the popularity of the .NET web development framework is its versatility.

.NET core allows you to run your code on Windows, Linux, and OS for implementation and it functions well on each of the compatible operating systems. .NET developers can make sure that the businesses reach a wide variety of platforms within the .Net environment.

6. High Security

For every business organization, security is a huge concern, and it should be. Make sure to choose a web development platform that offers robust security when it comes to application development and web solutions. Undoubtedly, .NET is one of the best frameworks for this, offering high security which prevents attackers from accessing your website through sanitization techniques and user input. .Net not only offers flexibility and reliability but also provides identity-based security features.

Final Thoughts

The features of .Net outlined above have the ability to meet customer demands in web development services and help all types of organizations to extend their business to the next level by implementing top-of-the-line functionalities and services required for web app development.

.Net framework offers excellent security, performance, and supports the required authentication protocols. It allows you to gain versatile scalability and reduce the overall delivery time along with cross-site scripting and request forgery.

Are you planning to develop an app with all the excellent functionalities that attracts users and grow your audience? If so, then go and search for the best .Net development company and hire the top-notch developers for your project today!