Why Workation is Here to Stay

Workation-IconHave you explored the possibility of a workation before?

A great way to travel, see the world and explore new destinations without having to use up those precious vacation days, a workation could be a really great option to get you out of the office for a while. Picking the best destination for a workation can be challenging if you don’t know what questions to ask, but thankfully Next Vacay has pulled together everything you’d need to know for the top 10 best destinations.

The pandemic has normalized remote work even for those who had never experienced it before. Statistics from workation.com suggest that around 85% of millennials want flexible work, so it’s also guaranteed that it’s not going anywhere.

Why workation is such a great idea

Changing your surroundings has been proven to increase your productivity, creativity and even widen your ability to see different perspectives. Leaving your desk to work from a coffee shop or the local library can certainly make a difference but taking the plunge and booking that plane ticket to a place you’ve never been before could change your life.

Working while you travel could open the door to different experiences than that of a vacation, including giving you a reason to work from a co-working space and meet other locals or digital nomads.

What to consider when choosing your destination

Figure out what it is you need most. Are you a downtown dweller who’s looking for a little country peace and quiet? Or maybe you’re used to that suburban life and want to feel some of that big city energy. Once you’ve narrowed down the vibe you’re striving for, a few other things to consider for your location:

  • What is your budget?
  • Would you prefer to stay in a hotel or an airbnb?
  • What will the WiFi connectivity be like?
  • Are there plenty of cafés and coworking spaces?
  • What tools will you need to stay in contact with the office?

A workation could be just the inspiration you’re looking for. Leverage the opportunities available to you and move towards building a life that excites you! Meeting new people, exploring new places and still getting the work done will feel amazing.


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