Widen Connectivity Report

How is connectivity transforming today’s modern marketing organisation?

The modern marketing team is diverse and sprawling. Connectivity is more important than ever as marketing departments expand to include a magnitude of roles, from creatives to operations, lead generation, product, and content marketers. In 2017, brands may have spent over $1 trillion on marketing services to “connect”

with consumers, partners, and team members.1 The assumption is that connectivity is inherently good and valuable. However, few marketers have researched what “connectivity” means and how we should incorporate it into what we do to achieve the greatest level of success.

In last year’s report, we explored how marketing and creative professionals define “being connected.” We looked at what makes people feel most connected to their work and each other, and how connectivity manifests itself both positively and negatively in our everyday lives. We learned how prevalent the human element is in building connected networks, processes, and cultures in today’s digital age. In fact, it seems true connectivity can’t exist on digital experiences alone. The personal touch that allows us to connect emotionally and feel engaged is required.

In this year’s report, we focus on understanding how connectivity influences marketing operations, strategy, and business results. And we dive into timely topics
like customer experience, artificial intelligence (AI), personalisation, data analytics, and digital transformation.

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