25+ Common SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Organic Search Engine Rankings

Sometimes in our quest for a first page organic search rankings, we get carried away… We implement so many SEO tips, tricks and strategies, that our efforts often end up doing us more harm than good.

What we sometimes forget is that Google loves websites that are user-friendly. Thus, if you ever wonder why you’re still not getting high rates of organic traffic to your website, even after producing quality SEO content, this article is for you. Or if you’re wondering why the speed and performance of your website is sub-par, even after implementing the best hosting in India, then this infographic is for you.

These innocent mistakes can affect not only your bottom line, but they can hurt your brand’s credibility. To avoid missed visitors and brand devaluation, here’s a list of 25+ common SEO mistakes to internalize and avoid – along with helpful advice for fixing existing problems – compliments of HostingClues.com.


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