5 Ways Workforce Management Helps Construction Companies Achieve Success

In the world of construction, the term “workforce management” refers to an organizational approach toward optimizing efficiency and productivity amongst employees. Put simply, it’s about assigning the right person to the right job at the right time. And while industry leaders bemoan the disorganization of existing labor management processes (think: white boards and last-minute scrambling to fill positions), many contractors have resigned themselves to the notion that chaos is the name of the game in construction. For Ben Schultz, Founder and CEO of LaborChart, a pioneer in workforce management software, there’s a better solution.

Schultz and team have created a playbook detailing LaborChart’s dynamic workforce management system and operational pillars that run the gamut from accounting to finance and other traditional business units. Content includes:

  • People Management
  • Company and Project Planning
  • Strategic Scheduling Based on Skillset and Scope

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