Accelerating ADME/Tox Testing with Data Science and AI

At Charles River Laboratories Hungary (SOLVO), scientists perform drug transporter assays to evaluate the absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity (ADME/Tox) properties of drug candidates. They follow a rigid and inefficient sampling scheme to generate dose-response curves, adding cost and time to projects.

Learn how TetraScience helped SOLVO streamline ADME/Tox screening with artificial intelligence (AI). By replatforming and engineering scientific data, the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud™ supports the development and validation of an in silico model to optimize sampling and improve IC50 calculations.

The in silico model, built in just 5 months, will enable SOLVO to:

  • Cut the number of sampling points by half while improving IC50 accuracy
  • Reduce wet lab experiments by 50%
  • Decrease manual data curation by 1.5 FTE
TetraScience International TA 030124

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