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It’s quick, easy, and made for busy professionals to get tons of value, while also helping startups like us to gauge product-value alignment with our target audience.

Plus, who doesn’t love $100 in the form of either a gift card or donation to a worthy cause like ADA Developers Academy —  a non-profit, cost-free coding school for women and gender expansive adults that prioritizes serving Black, Latine, Indigenous Americans, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander, LGBTQIA+, and low-income people.


Hiring managers and recruiters use Voodle to stand out when sourcing, reduce screening time, enhance onboarding, and curate a culture that retains employees. Voodle users have found that by using async video messaging earlier in their hiring process, they can reveal unique aspects of the team and culture that attract talent pools with strong 2-way fit. In addition, they’ve uncovered differentiating factors — the human elements — that elevate great candidates in ways that a standard profile never can and who may have remained hidden in an AI-powered recruitment process. 

Sound like a program you’d like to try, gain a competitive edge in the War For Talent, and get a cool $100 gift? Sign up today!

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