CFO Leadership in Today’s Deal-rich M&A Environment

The merger and acquisition climate has been good for some time and is likely to continue being good thanks to ample liquidity, low interest rates and plenty of target companies in the lingering days of the pandemic. But there are hurdles, too. 

In the first nine months of 2021, companies pursued almost 45,000 deals valued at almost $4.5 trillion —a record, according to industry data.

This level of dealmaking comes with challenges. Consulting firms, which help parties decide if a deal makes sense, are working hard to meet demand, as are insurers, who provide essential reps and warranties coverage.  

The government’s role is in the spotlight as well, as it tries to keep deals flowing while making sure combinations are okay from a regulatory standpoint. 

These pressure points are important but it’s the nuts and bolts of deals that remain the core concern of CFOs. In the end, how the transaction is analyzed, structured and executed determine whether it’s the right move from a strategic standpoint. That’s where the skill and insight of CFOs and their finance teams, working with outside specialists, become crucial for success.

To help you as you pursue your organization’s strategy, we’ve compiled a handful of CFO Dive pieces that look at best practices, and some pressure points, characterizing M&A in today’s deal-rich environment.

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