How Content Marketing Can Affect Your Mobile App Development Strategy

These days, most app developers can’t avoid staying up and burning the midnight oil – especially in an industry where millions of mobile apps are already launched and available across multiple marketplaces. Even putting that aside, when it comes to finally promoting a finished product, the multitude of mobile marketing tactics and methods available to us are numerous, and it becomes very easy to get lost in the shuffle. Unfortunately, one of the most effective mobile app promotion strategies available – content marketing – continues to be overlooked.

In recent years, searching for and consuming content on mobile devices has become second nature to most of us. We have become researchers in our own right, and in many ways, this has led to a tremendous impact on the evolution of content marketing in the tech world. Because of all this, developers and marketers alike now have to use content marketing strategies as part of their mobile app development process. In fact, focusing on content marketing throughout all phases of development has really become a near necessity! The following article, compliments of Harnil Oza (CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem), will explain how companies can implement a content marketing strategy that fully coincides with their mobile application development efforts.

The Importance of Content Marketing in Mobile Applications

Originally, content and inbound marketing which are responsible for revolutionizing sales process on the web were initially developed for the desktop. But today, the reverse is the case. In today’s world of emerging devices, resolutions, screen sizes, and platforms, it is now becoming essential for app developers to adapt content marketing. The rise of mobile devices and the growing use of mobile apps are gradually replacing the use of PCs as a means for finding content and information. This is one of the most remarkable achievements of ICT.

When it comes to mobile app development, content marketing should not be considered as an afterthought but as a first step mobile strategy. Ultimately, the goal of every developer is to make their product accessible to all users regardless of where they may be. Now that users can access any information they need such as news feeds, blogs, and other resources from their mobile devices, it becomes very imperative to generate engagement among users or customers technique. To this end, App developers must pay close attention to the content used for marketing their mobile app processes.

Due to the efficacy of this trend, many app development companies in the industry are already paying focusing towards content marketing and paying less attention to traditional advertising. Most app developers tend to see everything much clearer when they add the new and growing trend of content marketing on top of their mobile development strategy. Basically, this technique is aimed at generating high-quality content that can only be of significant interest to users.

Attracting New Users

Content marketing can help app developers cope with common issues of finding new users for their mobile apps. As a matter of fact, they can benefit from their paid marketing efforts through a great content strategy. All they need to do is to describe those unique features or helpful functions that are able to tell potential customers about their apps’ capabilities. This can be done through several channels including earned media coverage, app reviews, and blog posts.

In order to effectively reach out to their target audience, app developers should try as much as possible to contact bloggers and opinion leaders in several target categories so as to be able to achieve a strategic brand exposure campaign for their app. Along with the possibilities of the new mobile way, developers can build a highly productive app that can get users engaged with the content. Once the experience is entertaining, simple, and smooth, there would be a potential for meaningful interaction between users and the brand. Customers can only get involved with an app only when it is interactive and engaging.

Keep Users Engaged

When an app offers more features, a regular user of this technology will have no course to remove the application from his or her device. As matter of fact, they will be willing to acquire more user interaction, videos, images, and visual content. Depending on how the marketing strategy is designed, developers must continually renew the content on their app and ensure they are always available to keep users engaged at all times. These days, users want to experience more than mere content. App developers must be ready to share content via blogs, videos, networks, augmented reality, computer graphics, podcasts, and through every other means available.

Retaining Existing Users

Users are bound to abandon a mobile app when it is no longer interactive enough to enhance their experience. As part of your brand exposure campaign, you must ensure to use content that is stimulating and inspiring. You can achieve this by collecting useful feedback from your target market via commenting. Just so you know, this strategy can help you create a loyal user base for your app.

Applying an effective content strategy during app development can go a long way in not only keep your audience engaged also helping them to participate actively in the app community. Ensure to create content such as interviews, articles, and blogs relevant to your app. This can help you find and target a suitable audience.

Creating a persona for your typical user is certainly the best way to define the right audience. For maximum reach and engagement, you must ensure to define the most suitable content types and formats by checking within the app’s category to determine a general target audience. You can succeed in meeting the needs of your target audience by creating content that highlights the typical challenges and problems they face with the app.

You can obtain valuable information for the creation process by researching topics related to your app. By so doing, your users will feel you have them at heart and they will surely not want to abandon the app. As you source solution for their challenges, it is needful to understand:

  • How proficient the app can be at solving a user’s problems
  • How the content created can answer a user’s questions and alleviate their challenges
  • What your users are interested in knowing
  • What their pain points are

Author Bio

Harnil Oza is the CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company based in United States and India.  Hyperlink Infosystem offers a team of some of the best app developers, who deliver mobile solutions on both the Android and iOS platforms. Harnil regularly contributes his technical articles throughout many of the world’s leading tech blogs and websites.


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