Driving Sales Enablement with Predictive Marketing


Predictive Marketing is a powerful tool. It identifies the highest value leads and the data that generates meaningful conversations. Mintigo’s new eBook explains how to create a winning sales enablement blueprint for predictive marketing.

Sales enablement is the mix of education, tools, and a set of integrative processes that help B2B companies transform their business and marketing strategy into successful execution in the field. Properly implemented sales enablement brings all emails and PowerPoint presentations and then applies them to the day-to-day work of the client-facing sales executive.

In this eBook, we will explain in detail how to take the insights, scoring and data provided by Mintigo’s predictive marketing and incorporate them into the work of your sales organization. The end result is a blueprint for your team that enables communication and along with it, the execution of a predictive marketing plan for your sales organization that supports them in the delivery of the best results.

We will also explore what sales enablement is and how to leverage it to guarantee the success of your predictive marketing. Then, we will take you through a step-by-step plan for designing, executing and taking your sales enablement plan live.

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Mintigo delivers intelligent customer engagement powered by predictive analytics and AI for enterprise marketing and sales.  Mintigo’s predictive marketing and sales platform powered by AI helps enterprise marketing and sales teams use data and intelligence to find buyers faster. Enterprise companies including Oracle, Getty Images, Red Hat, Insight, CA, Workfront, Equinix, SolarWinds, Time Warner Cable and Neustar work with Mintigo to transform their marketing automation and sales processes. To learn more, please visit www.mintigo.com.

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