How CDNYE Improved Call Connection Rates 50% By Switching B2B Data Providers

CDYNE is a premier communications platform as a service (CPaaS) company, providing data quality and communications APIs. 

It offers a highly niche product and mainly serves software companies that sell their software to any number of verticals.

CDYNE was looking for more granular B2B data and insights in order to connect with the right companies and contacts at them. Sadly, it wasn’t satisfied with the data its previous provider offered - and reached out to SalesIntel for assistance.

Senior Vice President of Sales, Gregory E. Corbett, details how SalesIntel’s B2B intent and contact data resulted in:

  • 50% Increase in Sales Connect Rate 
  • 66% Increase in Average Deal Size
  • Seamless Transition Between Systems

Download the case study to learn more about CDNYE's experience transitioning from one data provider to SalesIntel, and the positive impact it could have on your organization as well!


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