How Network Location Design Will Revolutionize Your Supply Chain

At GEODIS, we believe that robust supply chain network location design must analyze as many factors as possible to create comprehensive options, models, and plans to meet your objectives. This guide sets out five key areas and approaches for understanding those factors.

They are:

1) An overview of network location design that explains the concepts behind it and why it’s a critical part of cost reduction, competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and risk management.

2) Network optimization analysis that helps you understand the most efficient and effective way to set up your logistics locations and operations.

3) “What‑If?” analysis that lets you build out your supply chain with confidence, knowing that you’ve taken account of disruptions, demand changes, supply issues, and more.

4) Cost and service analysis that lets you understand how changes to network locations impact the bottom line and customer satisfaction.

5) Sustainability analysis that takes account of how location design can reduce emissions and waste in the supply chain.

Our hope is that by the time you’ve read through the guide you’ll have a clearer understanding of how each approach can help, together with some insight to inform your next actions.

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