Is the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) Right for You?

Managing a complex compliance program with multiple overlapping, ever-shifting requirements is a major challenge for most organizations. Some have attempted to map all of the required regulations and frameworks on their own. They often get lost in the details and find it difficult to interpret the requirements to find commonalities between them.

Rather than tackling compliance requirements individually, a standardized framework like the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) can reduce inefficiencies and audit fatigue from repetitive work. The UCF is the largest database of interconnected controls and compliance source documents. The framework enables compliance with multiple regulations and frameworks by eliminating duplicative controls and testing. By aggregating standards and regulations, it provides a single point of reference.

Wondering if the UCF is right for you? Download Leveraging the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF): What You Need to Know, to learn more about the framework, the benefits of leveraging it, and five considerations for using it in your compliance program.

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