Is Your Checkout Helping You Build Deeper Customer Relationships?

While most brands tend to focus their online efforts on building a website that’s information-rich, visually appealing and mobile-responsive, they may overlook a key part of the e-commerce purchase journey — and that’s the checkout function.

Optimizing for mobile checkout means more than improving forms or implementing one-click checkout. Brands today must create experiences that foster personal conversation and allow customers the convenience to reorder items when they want. 

Naturally, no brand wants to compromise its experience and lose profits. In this playbook, we highlight four ways to convert prospective customers when they’re at the height of consideration. The playbook covers:

  • Why you need to enable checkout across SMS
  • How to foster relationships via SMS
  • Why you should use a phone number as a primary identifier
  • How to make it easy to autocomplete the address step

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